Duvel Moortgat


Driven by quality and passionate people, Duvel Moortgat is an independent family and international group of authentic craft breweries, determined to occupy a leading position in specialty beers.

The Moortgat family has invested constantly in the brewery with the aim of maintaining and even improving the high quality. This concern for quality is inextricably linked to a passion for the brewer’s trade.

Quality, craftsmanship and a pioneering spirit are the cornerstones of the history of our family business. We aim to offer consumers top beers. Brewing method, ingredients, motivated, creative people, partners, the best equipment and technique … all these elements contribute towards achieving high quality.

This constant attention to quality, which has been passed down over more than four generations, seems to be a hereditary trait. Combined with innovation, entrepreneurship, respect for our planet and the specific contribution of each member of staff, this has yielded a series of fantastic beers. The care bestowed upon this fine collection is in itself a guarantee that present and future generations will perpetuate the tradition and passion for brewing.


Duvel Moortgat has the pioneering spirit in its genes.

Entrepreneurship with passion and almost devilishly possessed by the quality of every drop, every barrel and very bottle of the 1.8 million hectolitres of specialty beer that we produce annually in our family of breweries. With gems like Duvel, La Chouffe, Liefmans, Maredsous, De Koninck and Vedett, we can clearly captivate fans of specialty beers both in and beyond Belgium.

We have been brewing for four generations now, since 1871. Using the best, natural ingredients, with a great deal of patience and respect for the planet. Almost 1,400 colleagues, from Puurs to Shanghai and from Lyon to Cooperstown, Kansas City, Paso Robles (USA) and Soragna (Italy) apply themselves enthusiastically to this task every day.

Duvel Moortgat offers the possibility to have some important careers within this family business, here in Belgium or on international level through their different breweries across the world.

We would love to share this beautiful expertise with our future working generation by offering some traineeships as of spring 2021. As soon as those profiles are available, we will post some more information.

In the meantime we have lots of different open vacancies that might interest you.

Don’t hesitate to consult them and to send us a message if you would have any questions.