Euroclear is the financial industry’s trusted provider of post-trade services. At the core, Euroclear provides settlement, safekeeping and servicing of domestic and cross-border securities, from bonds, equities and derivatives to investment funds. We connect over 2,000 financial market participants across the globe and ensure securities transactions are processed safely and efficiently . As an open and resilient infrastructure, we help clients cut through complexity, lower costs and mitigate risks.

Euroclear’s DNA: Support an open marketplace where scale and connectivity across the spectrum of market participants are competitive strengths. To be profit moderated with financial discipline of a ‘for-profit’ entity and the commitment to support market stability, deliver shared economies of scale and develop markets locally and globally.

Serve the public good by ensuring the efficiency of markets and actively enabling risk-reduction.

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Before Euroclear, settlement required the physical delivery of certificates and cash. Trading was hampered by long delays in the delivery of securities, the loss of certificates, and excessive counterparty and market risks. The market urgently required a settlement environment that was effective and efficient.

The Brussels office of Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York (Morgan Guaranty) founded the Euroclear System in December 1968. The system minimized risk as transactions within the system settled delivery versus payment (DVP). This means that cash and securities are exchanged simultaneously, in electronic book-entry form.

Today, the Euroclear group not only settles Eurobonds, but a wide range of asset classes, including equities, funds and derivatives.


Living The Values in our day2day tasks, activities, responsibilities

Respect: our diversity stimulates thinking and creativity. I treat everyone with respect and trust. I listen to clients and colleagues. I express and consider dissenting views.

Effectiveness: we only do what matters for clients and add value to the company. We use our resources and each other's time efficiently.     

Accountable: over and above my own contributions, I am committed to the end result and take the initiative t do what is needed. I do what I say. At all times, I am courageous and honest.                       

Client first:  we are proud to provide the right solution for our clients. We are proud to deliver what we promise.  

Helpful: across the teams, divisions and locations, together we drive success by helping each other, learning from our mistakes and sharing ideas and solutions.  


Employee well-being

One of our main areas of focus has always been ensuring the well-being of our employees. Our Workplace strategy is built on four pillars : Well-being and work-life balance, tacking discrimination, diversity and Inclusion, and training and Development. 

To support our employees and people managers, we continuously focus on creating awareness, invest in workshops and webinars to explore mental health and physical health issues, and encourage our people to engage in dedicated one-on-one support provided by internal and external professionals.

Our well-being strategy and vision

We consider well-being to be a shared responsibility and will do what we can to ensure employees are healthy, engaged, happy and connected in the workplace. Our global well-being strategy places equal importance on mental and physical health.

In the current fast-changing working environment, with our business challenges and transformations, each of us needs positive energy and mental resilience to maintain high performance.

We have therefore built our well-being strategy on five pillars namely: Human Experience, Health, Joy at Work, Feeling Connected and Feeling Engaged. The pillars emphasize everything we do to support and guide our employees’ health, safety and overall well-being.



We are a people-oriented organization with a renowned reputation in the global markets. As the trusted provider of post-trade services, Euroclear connects participants from across the globe and ensures the transfer of money and securities. Here, you can contribute to the world’s financial markets and achieve your personal and professional ambitions.

With over 4,000 people based around the world we have a culture of high performance and continuous development. Not only will you work at the heart of an international business: you will also be part of a vibrant and inspiring multicultural company where you can grow and thrive!

The Euroclear community welcomes curious and creative minds who are passionate about emerging technology and are driven to participate in innovation. With more than 10,000 trainings days per year we foster a culture of development, personal growth, working flexibility and internal mobility. For more information go to Careers - Euroclear.


In line with Euroclear’s systemically important position within the financial services industry, behaving responsibly and ethically towards clients, staff and society is a core part of the company’s identity.

Euroclear has put in place an effective, formalized ESG framework and agenda since establishing a dedicated Corporate Responsibility function six years ago and we continue to evolve our ESG plans to fully embed sustainability within our business. This is complemented by our four supporting streams: Governance, Community, Health and Workplace - each of which foster the growth of their own ambitions and goals. euroclear_esg