SNCB is the National Railways Company of Belgium. Owner and manager of the rolling stock, it is responsible for train services.

As a company, we have one clear objective: ensuring efficient and performing railway services to meet the expectations of our customers. In order to achieve this mission, we are constantly looking for new talent to meet the numerous challenges in the field of sustainable mobility. A lot of innovations in different fields require a mixture of special skills to contribute to their realisation.

Become one of the leading forces in the development and innovation of modern rail traffic and contribute to the solution of one of the main problems of the 21th century: creating a sustainable and ecological mobility.

Date of creation


Working at SNCB

In Belgium, SNCB plays an indispensable part in sustainable mobility, and its customers are central to that endeavour. Its task is to keep its passengers safe and comfortable and get them to their destinations on time. SNCB is also in charge of the maintenance and replacement of its trains and does its utmost to ensure that its service is customer-friendly and its stations are functional.

In the short term, its challenge is to turn itself into a modern and efficient company that is enjoyed by both its customers and staff, with a company culture based on professionalism, respect, entrepreneurship and cooperation.

To a great extent, our success will depend on our staff: the right people in the right place, determined to help write our success story.

What are our values?

In one word: we are PROS. We value professionalism, respect and entrepreneurship.

  • Professionalism: we do our work well, are result-oriented and fully committed to our jobs;
  • Respect: we treat our colleagues, customers, partners and environment with respect and with a view to sustainability. We also fulfill our commitments in the areas of planning, budgets and results;
  • Entrepreneurship: we are willing and able to question our work methods and are quick to integrate new concepts and ideas;
  • Cooperation: we create a work-friendly atmosphere in which staff enjoys working with each other, within and beyond the call of duty.

Why choose SNCB?

We offer a fantastic opportunity to be part of an ambitious company. A company that does its utmost for its customers. The next few years will be crucial for SNCB. Passenger transport infrastructure within Belgium will soon be opened to competition. For this reason, we are doing everything we can to turn SNCB into a more modern, more efficient and genuinely customer-oriented company. Do you feel you can make a contribution to this project?

What kind of people are we looking for?

We are always looking for talent in many different areas and at all levels: engineers, finance specialists, HR, marketing, procurement, as well as technicians, train conductors and train drivers. With its 18,000 employees, our company is full of opportunities for an exciting career in which you can develop your talents to the fullest.