Unique Belgian design and Swiss-made movement, inspired by the universe of the Gentleman Driver : welcome to the world of Raidillon. Founded in 2001, the firm bears the name of the most famous curve on the Spa Francorchamps race track. Pride in the roots of our brand is a priority for us. We promote our Belgian identity every day through high-end watch performance. Every single timepiece is imagined, then created in Belgium and equipped with Swiss movement by ETA SA.

« 55 reasons not to hesitate ». This iconic number was not chosen at random. It refers to the maximum number of participants allowed on track in the past. That is the reason why every Raidillon timepiece bears a unique number engraved on its side.

The gentlemen driver is the soul of Raidillon. We therefore propose a collection of unique accessories that will go perfectly with the watches, always with special attention to details. All our products are especially designed with high-end leather goods, for optimal quality and duration. We design discreet and elegant products, with particular interest in precious innovations which make all the difference.

Our Raidillon chronographs are made for automobile and technology lovers. As winner of the Raidillon challenge, you will have the opportunity to partake of the expertise of a Belgian brand. You will become the owner of a timeless piece that will follow you through seasons and moments.

The Youngtimers collection proposes timepieces that are young and dynamic, just like you.

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This 40 mm black dial model is inspired by the rims of the fabulous DeLorean sportscar. Its discreet and elegant lines will enhance your enjoyment whether you wear it during the day or for your most beautiful evenings. You will find the geographic coordinates of the Raidillon at the Spa Francorchamps. This model is Swiss made and 10 ATM water resistant. The strap is made in Belgium with the best leather for long-lasting use in every situations.

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Our blue edition showcases the design of the eighties’ cars. With its retro look, this beautiful Youngtimer interprets the colours and the singular style of the 924 Porsche from 1988. With powerful chronographs at 2, 6 and 10 hours, this timepiece simply could not go unnoticed. The characteristic number 55, symbol of the firm, is proudly featured just above the dial. Last but far from least, the strap is handmade in Belgium.