Drive Now


DriveNow was founded in 2011 as a car sharing joint venture by the BMW Group and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the BMW Group since March 9, 2018. From the very start, our goal has been to give people a flexible and sustainable mobility alternative to owning their own car and working together with cities to reduce traffic and emission problems.

In European metropolises, we offer high-quality BMW and MINI vehicles based on the so-called free-floating principle: you can spontaneously rent and park cars anywhere within a defined business area using the DriveNow App – a car can usually be found within walking distance. With the 12 cities in Europe, more than 6,400 BMW and MINI models are available for flexible use. Over one million customers have already chosen DriveNow and can use our service across cities.

+1.000.000 12 6.400
Number of customers Cities in Europe BMWs & MINIs



DriveNow in Belgium has 310 BMW and MINI in the streets of Brussels, where our customers can rent them whenever they want, drive wherever they want and park directly in the streets inside the DriveNow zone (65 km²). The cost varies from 33 to 36 ct/min depending on the car model and all is included in this price: fuel, parking tickets, insurance, km and taxes.

It is ideal for short trips in the city: move large object, shopping, go to Brussels Airport, business trips, go to the restaurant, ect. For longer trips, DriveNow offers hourly packages (3h, 6h, 9h) and daily packages (1 and 2 days) that makes it easy to rent a car for longer and get out of the city. It is cheaper than a taxi and more convenient than public transport.



 In Germany, you can rent our cars in MunichBerlinDusseldorfCologne and Hamburg.

In addition, we offer our car-sharing service in other European metropolises: ViennaLondonCopenhagenMilanHelsinki and Lisbon.



With our car sharing service you have access to a car at any time without having to own one. Our fleet offers you a variety of premium vehicles for almost every occasion. The BMW and MINI models are available to you whenever you need a car with one click in the app you can reserve, unlock and lock any car, so you are always ready to drive within seconds.

With DriveNow you are sustainably mobile. Why? A DriveNow car already replaces at least three private vehicles, because more and more people are abolishing their own car through the car sharing offer. This reduces parking and traffic problems in cities. In addition, with the BMW i3 we also offer an electric alternative at all of our locations. Every month, we give thousands of people an understanding of electric mobility, demonstrating that eco-friendly driving can be a lot of fun.

Special Offer to all Solvay Business Games Participants

DriveNow is already present at Brussels Airport – our reserved parking spots are located in P3 Holiday Parking, on level 2. As the mobility partner of the Games, we are happy to give a FREE registration and 30 free minutes to all participants of the Games ;)

Note: There is a 10€ airport fee to pick-up or drop-off a DriveNow car at the airport. For this reason, for each drive you make to or from the airport, we will add 30 free minutes on your account per trip!

How does it work?

  1. Register for free and get 30 free minutes before the games

  2. Download the DriveNow app and upload your documents*

  3. Drive from the city center to Brussels Airport (or back)**

  4. After the SBG (11 march 2019), we will add your bonus minutes onto your account. 1 trip = 30 free minutes, 2 trips = 60 free minutes. 5 trips = 150 free minutes!



*Required documents: Driving licence (min 2 years), Identity card, Personal credit card. It can take up to 48h to activate your account.

 ** 30 minutes will be added each time a rental has started or stopped at the Brussels Airport on the 8thand 9thMarch 2019.